Monday, December 10, 2018

                   Week of December 10-14, 2018     
The holiday spirit is in full season. We are getting so excited, yet there is still so much to learn during these busy weeks. We are trying our best to stay focused and meet our goals. Please remind your child each morning about the SPARTY behavior goals, which earn monthly rewards.  
Our Reading story for the week is “Little Quack.” This animal fantasy will focus on plot (The important things that happen in a story). We will read about a duckling that learns new things as he gets older. This gives us the opportunity to discuss verbs that are happening now and in the past. The amazing words presented in the story are: duckling, pond, paddle, plunges, proud, and brave. The targeted sight words are: me, with, and she. (As always, remember to practice sight words daily.)
Our Phonics letter of the week is Rr. The /r/ sound, as in reindeer, will be the focus in our lessons with segmenting, blending, rhyming, and reading words.
Math: Numbers to 20 will continue this week. We are counting, reading, and writing numbers 0-20. Please remember to keep practicing correct number writing. Also practice identifying numbers 0-100 in random order.


~ Tuesday, 12/11/18, will be a dress down day for those who provide a non-perishable item or a monetary donation.

~ The Krispy Kreme pick up will take place on Tuesday, 12/11/18 from 4-6pm at the elementary cafeteria.

~ Our Field Trip to ride the Santa Train in Jim Thorpe will take place on Friday, December 14th. Children are encouraged to wear pajamas like the characters in the Polar Express story. (Chaperones are also welcome to dress the role!)

~Please remember to have your child dressed to withstand the cold weather. Winter coats, hats, mittens, etc. will keep them warmer during our 30 minutes of outside recess on days when the temperatures are not extremely cold.

Specials:Mon. Gym  Tues. Art  Wed. Computers  Thurs. Music  Fri. Guidance

Have a remarkable week!

~ Mrs. Green

Monday, December 3, 2018

Week of December 3-7, 2018

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! This season brings great excitement, as well as busy schedules. However, we are continuing to work hard, as our lessons become more challenging.  

Unit 3 will begin in Reading this week. This unit discusses changes that occur around us. The first story is called “Little Panda.” This nonfictional story explains how a panda changes in its first year of life. The children will see how a panda and her mother are alike, as well as how they are different. This helps us practice ways to compare and contrast subjects. Verbs will be the grammar focus. Our amazing words are: weigh, measure, healthy, bamboo, curious, and explore. New sight words presented this week include: me, with, and she.

Phonics will focus on two letters: Bb and Nn, The initial and final /b/ and /n/ sounds will be practiced.

Math lessons will continue to work with the numbers 11-20. Our goal is to read, write, and count numbers up to 20.


~ Please remember to return the letter to Santa that was sent home on Friday. A mailman will be visiting our classroom on Monday, December 10th. He will collect our special messages that will be sent to the North Pole.

~ Scholastic book orders are due on Wednesday, December 5th.

~ The PTO is conducting the Holiday Gift Workshop this week. Our class buying day is Thursday, December 6th.

~Mark your calendars…The Christmas Concert is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th at the high school auditorium. Kindergarten will hit the stage at 10:00am. Please have your child arrive by 9:30 in order to prepare.

~ Please continue to practice letters and sounds, counting to 100, and sight words daily.

Thank you,

Mrs. Green

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Week of November 19-21, 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed their first snow storm of the school year! We have a busy schedule for the next few days to catch up on some Thanksgiving lessons and activities.

We will continue to work with the story “Bear Snores On” in Reading. After this story, we will move on to “Jack and the Beanstalk.” This fairy tale will revisit the concept of realism and fantasy.

Our Math lessons will still focus on numbers 11-20. Please continue to practice counting and identifying numbers 0-100, along with writing numbers 0-20.


-Monday, November 19th will be Day 6 on the rotation schedule.  Wednesday, November 21st will be a NON-ROTATION day.

-Students will participate in the PBIS monthly reward on Wednesday, November 21st. The school will be working with members of the military and veterans from the community to create care packages that will be sent to troops and wounded veterans. Your donations will be greatly appreciated! (A list of requested items was sent home. Please let me know if you need a new reminder.) 
-There will be an early dismissal on Wednesday, November 21st. School will resume on Tuesday, November 21st.

 I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Take a minute to enjoy the time you spend with your family and get some relaxation in before the hectic tasks of the Christmas season begin.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Mrs. Green

Monday, November 12, 2018

       Week of November 12-16, 2018       

Our new Reading story will continue to discuss hibernation. “A Bed for the Winter” is an educational text that presents types of homes animals create in order to stay warm during the coldest season of the year. To enhance comprehension skills, we will revisit how to determine the sequence of a story. Adjectives for opposites are presented this week. The amazing words are: nest, meadow, stump, tree trunk, hive, and den. Two new sight words will be taught this week: he and for.

The Phonics letter of the week is Ii. The focus will be on the short /i/ sound, as in igloo. Words with the initial and medial /i/ sound will be practiced. We are working hard on segmenting, blending, and trying to write words containing the sounds we have learned. I am very pleased with the fantastic effort I am seeing!

Our Math lessons for the week will focus on numbers 11-20. We are practicing how to count, read, write, and represent numbers from 0-20. Please continue to practice counting to 100 and writing numbers 0-20 with correct formation.


- Please remember to send back your child’s signed report card envelope. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

- Please continue to practice sight words daily.

- Friday, November 16th is a paid Spartan Dress Down Day.  A $1.00 donation will allow your child to wear jeans or sweat pants with a Spartan shirt.

-Students will be dismissed at 12:00pm on Wednesday, November 21st.

 Have an impeccable week!

 ~Mrs. Green

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week of November 6-10, 2017

We really enjoyed our past two weeks of fall celebrations. The fall festival was filled with fun from morning until dismissal. Halloween provided more excitement for another school week. Now we are moving into the Thanksgiving spirit. These special events help fuel our positive mood to make us more productive!

Reading: Our story this week is an animal fantasy called “Bear Snores On.” We will examine the difference between realism and fantasy. The story uses simple rhyme and repeated sentences to give students the opportunity to join in the reading process. We will look for adjectives that describe the size, number, color, and shape of nouns. The amazing words we will explore include: sleep, winter, cave, woods, storm, and blustery. The sight words to focus on are: like, my, and we.

Phonics: Cc is the letter of the week. The initial and final /k/ sound will be practiced. (Example: cat, rock)

Math: Our Unit of Shapes will conclude this week. Testing will include 2-dimensional flat shapes (plane shapes) as well as 3-dimensional solid figures. Vocabulary words to review include: sides, vertices, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, oval, sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, triangular prism, and pyramid. Also practice positional words, such as above, below, beside, next to, in front of, and behind. After testing this unit, we will move on to Numbers 11-20.


*Students are no longer permitted to wear shorts to school. Shorts will return in the Spring.

*The NS Student Council is participating in the Feed-A-Friend program. They are asking students in the district to provide donations to help provide a holiday dinner for the less fortunate families in Schuylkill County. Collections of non-perishable food items, as well as monetary donations are being collected.

*The colder weather does not stop us from outdoor recess. Please make sure your child is wearing a warm coat. Hats and mittens are also beneficial.

*Please continue to practice sight words as well as the following skills: letters & sounds, syllables, rhyming, counting to 100, and writing numbers & letters correctly.

SpecialsMonday:Computers  Tuesday:Music  Wednesday:Guidance  Thursday:Gym  Friday:Art

 Thank you for your continuous cooperation!

~ Mrs. Green

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week of October 29-November 2, 2018

Reading: “Animal Babies in Grasslands” is our story this week. This informational text will discuss the special animals that live in grasslands with their babies. Determining the main idea in a story is the reading skill we will use to develop comprehension. Adjectives for colors and shapes will be introduced. The amazing words presented in the story are: calf, cub, joey, grassland, pup, and foal. Three new sight words will be introduced: we, my, and like.
Phonics:  Pp is the letter of the week. The sound we will focus on is /p/ as in penguin. We will practice the sound in the beginning, as well as at the end of words. We are learning to blend letter sounds to read words.

Math: 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes continue this week. The shapes we will focus on include: triangle, square, rectangle, circle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, oval, sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, pyramid, triangular prism, and rectangular prism.

- Red Ribbon Week continues through Monday and Tuesday.

- The school nurse will be conducting vision screenings on Tuesday. If your child is required to wear glasses, please be sure he/she wears them to school.

- Wednesday is our Halloween parade/celebration. Information was sent home. If you need another copy of the information or have questions, please let me know. Be sure to be on time for the parade. Kindergarten is scheduled to start promptly at 2:00.

- We are still collecting money for parties throughout the year. Please remember to send in your $5.00 donation if you have not done so yet.

- October Reading logs will be collected on Thursday. The goal is to record 15 books you have read together. Children who meet this goal receive a free pizza coupon from Pizza Hut.  

-We do go outside during recess for 30 minutes each day unless it is raining. The days are becoming much colder. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Also practice putting coats on (including fixing sleeves that are stuck inside!) and zipping/buttoning.

-Please review the letters of the alphabet, the letter sounds, sight words, and counting to 100 daily. Other skills to practice include syllables and rhyming.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and have a pleasant week!

~ Mrs. Green

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week of October 22-26, 2018

Reading: “Nature’s Spy” is this week’s nonfiction story. It teaches us how we can appreciate the world around us when we look closely at the natural environment. We will discuss setting throughout the week and proper nouns will be introduced. Our amazing words are: discover, nature, spy, acorn, pod, and pattern. We will continue working with the sight words have and is.

Phonics: The focus letter for the week is Ss. The sound is /s/, as in sun. This sound will be taught in the beginning and the end of words.

Math: We will continue working with shapes this week. Children will be introduced to 3-dimensional shapes. 2-dimensional shapes, sorting rules, attributes, and positional words will also be practiced.

~ The weather is becoming chillier. Please be sure your child is wearing a warm jacket to school. We do go outside for recess daily unless it is raining.
~ Monday starts Red Ribbon Week. Please refer to the October calendar for daily themes.
~ We are collecting money for parties that will take place throughout the year. Please send in your $5.00 if you have not contributed yet. 
~ The Kindergarten Fall Festival will take place on Friday, October 26th. This fun filled event will be celebrated outside. Therefore, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Students may wear a Spartan shirt along with jeans or sweatpants and sneakers.

~ The Halloween Parade will held be on Wednesday, October 31st at 2:00pm. Kindergarten will lead the parade through the Spartan Stadium in front of the home bleachers. Costumes should not be worn to school. Children may bring their labeled costumes to school in a labeled bag in order to prevent lost items. We will have a limited time for a large group of children to get dressed in the classroom. Therefore, it is advised to keep the costumes simple. 

~ Please continue to practice sight words daily. This repetition will help your child learn the 96 required sight words, leading them to become a more fluent reader. Also take some time to practice the following skills: letter and sound identification, rhyming, syllables, counting to 100, and writing numbers 0-20. 

Have a super week!  
~ Mrs. Green